About Us

Who We Are

Swing Left TX-32 was started by citizens who felt compelled after the 2016 election to do something and get involved. We channel grassroots energy and enthusiasm to work with the Democratic Party to fully back and support Colin Allred in TX-32.

Broad Vision

Flip the House of Representatives to Democrats in 2018 and keep it in Democratic control in 2020 and beyond.

TX-32 Vision

We are creating a support base to keep a Democrat elected in TX-32 in future election cycles.


We are a grassroots organizing group focused exclusively voter awareness and turnout.

We support a mainstream progressive agenda, though we do not take positions on any specific issues.

Our Focus

Swing Left TX-32 is an official district of Swing Left.org, a national organization with growing visibility that can draw national attention to local activities. We are working closely with the Democratic party and other progressive groups to elect a Democrat to Congress.

We are broadly focused on:

  1. Canvassing: focusing on two main priorities:  engaging in conversations with voters and register new voters
  2. Candidate Awareness: amplifying Rep. Allred’s message and profile in our community
  3. Outreach and Coalitions: coordinating events with other progressive organizations in North Texas and communicating local events
  4. Getting out the vote

Get Involved

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